What Natural Remedies Are There for Gallbladder Problems?


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Several natural remedies for gallbladder problems include changing one's diet and taking specific herbal supplements, states Sara Calabro for Everyday Health. It is important to note, however, that these treatments have not been rigorously evaluated, and as of January 2015, no natural treatments have proven effective to treat gallbladder problems.

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What Natural Remedies Are There for Gallbladder Problems?
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As far as diet goes, some alternative medicine practitioners advise people to avoid foods such as dairy products, wheat, eggs, corn and soy, according to Calabro. Avoiding fried foods, foods that contain saturated or trans-fatty acids, tobacco and alcohol is not only recommended to help gallbladder problems but also recommended by most mainstream medical practitioners.

When considering the use of herbal supplements, one of the most common suggested is milk thistle, explains Calabro. While this herb has been primarily studied for its effects on liver disorders, such as hepatitis, some believe it may aid in gallbladder detoxification. Turmeric is another herb that some believe helps with gallbladder problems. This belief comes from the lower rates of gallbladder problems reported in India, where turmeric is a commonly used cooking spice. However, preliminary studies suggest that the main chemical found in turmeric, called curcumin, can cause gallbladder contractions, which could subsequently cause pain. As with other natural remedies, more study is needed, and Calabro recommends not using turmeric if a person already has gallstones.

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