What Are Some Natural Remedies for Dry Mouth?


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Natural remedies for dry mouth include parsley, aniseed, cayenne pepper and fennel, according to HowStuffWorks. Other natural remedies for dry mouth include drinking more water or using rosemary.

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A dry mouth is uncomfortable, and it can bring out bad breath, but parsley is a natural breath refresher, explains HowStuffWorks. Parsley also contains iron, calcium and vitamins A and C, all important nutrients. Chewing aniseed may also help to ease bad breath due to dry mouth, and many Indian restaurants offer customers a bowl of fennel and anise to chew following a meal. Fennel is also an ingredient in natural mouthwashes.

To start the production of saliva, many people turn to cayenne pepper, states HowStuffWorks. People often do this by mixing the pepper into food or sprinkling it into tomato juice. Pepper also stimulates the sweat and salivary glands and tear ducts. Rosemary is another natural remedy for dry mouth and is often mixed into natural mouthwashes to stimulate salivary production.

People must drink a minimum of eight cups of water a day to combat dry mouth naturally. Other ways to combat dry mouth include making a conscious effort to breathe through the nose at night and breathe steam to open the airways, notes HowStuffWorks. Brushing and flossing the teeth regularly and limiting alcohol and caffeine may also help to naturally eliminate dry mouth.

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