What Are Some Natural Remedies for Children Who Suffer From Anxiety Attacks?


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Many herbal remedies, such as aconitum napellus, calcarea carbonica and gelsemium, may be used to safely treat anxiety in children, according to Hpathy.com. KidsHealth, Hpathy.com and WorryWiseKids.org recommend that children suffering from anxiety be treated through therapy, specifically noting the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy for childhood anxiety.

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Different anxiety sufferers may need different treatments to address not only their symptoms but their underlying personality types, explains Hpathy.com. For example, Hpathy.com recommends argentum nitricum for more suggestable children who have performance-related anxiety that might occur before a major exam but recommends ignatia amara for children who are sensitive and may experience headaches or cramping among their symptoms.

The most natural remedy for anxiety is nonmedicinal therapy. WorryWiseKids.org reports that 70 to 80 percent of children treated for anxiety using the cognitive behavioral method of therapy, or CBT, respond to the treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy encourages anxious children to think of more realistic outcomes than their anxiety-induced worst case scenarios. Cognitive behavioral therapy includes teaching coping mechanisms such as deep breathing and relaxation exercises, according to KidsHealth. Therapists trained in cognitive behavioral therapy support children as they learn these new skills and thought processes so they can better cope with their anxieties.

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