What Are Natural Remedies for Back and Leg Pain Relief?

Treat back and leg pain stemming from nerve damage with natural remedies, such as light exercises that include daily walks, and soaks in warm baths to increase blood flow to the lower back and legs, suggests WebMD. Reduce inflammation in the lower back and legs by applying cold packs to the affected area for about 20 minutes several times each day.

Movement helps circulate blood flow and reduce the stress and pressure that causes lower back pain and leg pain, explains WebMD. Participate in activities that promote movement, such as light aerobic movements, swimming and bicycling. Create a bedtime routine to encourage uninterrupted rest each night by reducing caffeine intake, eliminating alcohol and keeping a consistent bedtime that ensures at least eight hours of sleep each night.

Reduce the pressure on the back and legs by wearing comfortable shoes or padded inserts in the sole of the shoes to eliminate too much impact on the legs and back, explains WebMD. Avoid wearing high heels when back and leg pain exists to reduce the pressure on leg muscles, prompting pain to travel to the lower back. Practice good posture, especially when lifting heavy objects to avoid injuring the back or legs, causing additional pain.