What Are Some Natural Remedies for Ankle Swelling?

Raising the legs to a level above the heart, reducing salt consumption, using support stockings and exercising the legs are several natural home remedies that can relieve ankle swelling, according to Healthline. It also helps to start an active lifestyle, keep a healthy body weight and wear comfortable clothing that fits the thigh region loosely.

When lying down, a good way to elevate the legs is placing pillows below the legs for a comfortable resting position, suggests Healthline. When traveling by air, occasionally stand up and flex the legs. It is also important to avoid using garters to prevent ankle swelling.

To relieve swelling associated with a foot or ankle injury, rest the affected foot and apply ice packs, recommends WebMD. It is also a good idea to use a compression bandage to wrap the injured ankle and rest the foot on a chair. A sprained ankle is a common ankle injury that causes swelling, and it results from an injury that stretches the ligaments in the ankle beyond their capacity.

A painful, swollen ankle that does not resolve with home remedies may indicate a severe health problem, such as pregnancy complications, lymphedema, venous insufficiency or an infection, notes WebMD. Other possible causes of ankle swelling that require medical treatment include blood clots or heart, liver or kidney disease.