How Does Natural Progesterone Cream Work?


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According to HowStuffWorks, progesterone cream is applied to the skin and absorbed into the body to mimic the behavior of the hormone as it would naturally occur. This is intended to help menopausal women whose progesterone levels have dropped, people with low libidos, women with irregular menstrual cycles and women who are having difficulties conceiving.

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The main purpose of using progesterone cream is to help the body realign the delicate balance between progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and other key hormones. HowStuffWorks explains that estrogen dominance is a problem for women that can contribute to the risk of endometriosis, breast cancer, bone loss, endometrial cancer and depression. Progesterone cream is marketed as a safer alternative to progesterone pills, which are known to cause several side effects in patients and interfere with the efficacy of other medications. This claim has not yet been substantiated by scientific research, according to HowStuffWorks. The limited data that is available on the effects of progesterone cream are somewhat contradictory. One study claims that the skin is unable to absorb the cream efficiently, and another study states that excessive application of the cream can lead to too much progesterone in the body. HowStuffWorks urges people to consult with a doctor and have a proper hormone panel completed before attempting to self-medicate with progesterone cream or using it in place of prescribed hormone replacement therapies.

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