What Are the Best Natural Laxatives for Children?


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Natural laxatives for children include prune juice and psyllium husk, according to Dr. Sears. Prune juice with pulp is a mild laxative and can be given in a 1-tablespoon dose to children as young as 6 months or up to an 8-ounce portion for toddlers to relieve constipation.

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Stewed prunes or pureed prunes can also be given to children on their own or mixed into other foods to mask their appearance for a laxative effect, according to Dr. Sears. Psyllium husks, available at nutrition food stores, can be mixed together with yogurt or cereal to relieve constipation. One to 2 teaspoons per day are recommended for children, and extra fluids should be given when using psyllium husks for them to work properly to relieve constipation.

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