What Is the Best Natural Kidney Cleanse?


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Taking herbs, such as parsley, dandelion and ginger, eating certain foods including lemon and cranberry juice, and taking vitamins B2, B6 and magnesium are the best natural ways to cleanse the kidneys, according to About.com. It is recommended that people speak to their doctor before attempting any kidney cleanse.

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Some of the most common herbs used for kidney cleansing include juniper, marshmallow root and nettles, states About.com. Other herbs that are good for cleaning the kidneys are red clover and goldenrod. Many kidney cleanse programs also recommend certain foods. These include watermelon and pumpkin seeds.

Individuals should keep in mind that there is no scientific evidence that a kidney cleanse flushes kidney stones, explains About.com. However, there are some things that are scientifically proven to do this, including drinking more water and cutting back on sodium. It is also important to not smoke, avoid heavy drinking, and maintain a normal blood pressure to keep your kidneys in check and eliminate kidney stones. There are also foods that should be avoided to keep the kidneys in good working order, such as chocolate, sweet potatoes and spinach. Research has also shown that foods high in calcium are also great for the kidneys.

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