What Are Some Natural Itching Skin Remedies?


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Applying cool, wet compresses and bathing in a lukewarm bath with baking soda or oatmeal are natural itching skin remedies, according to Mayo Clinic. Other remedies include applying aloe vera, lemon or a baking soda paste to the skin, notes HowStuffWorks.

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What Are Some Natural Itching Skin Remedies?
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Covering the itchy skin with cool, wet compresses protects skin and prevents scratching, advises Mayo Clinic. Immersing the body in a lukewarm or warm bath with a cup of baking soda or ground oatmeal can help alleviate widespread itching, explains HowStuffWorks.

Lemon juice has anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties, so applying undiluted lemon juice to itching skin can provide relief, advises HowStuffWorks. The gel from the leaf of an aloe vera plant also provides relief from itching when applied directly to the affected area. Combining three parts baking soda and one part water makes a paste that soothes itching when applied to the skin, but it is not for use on broken skin.

Herbal rinses applied to the skin also alleviate itching, states HowStuffWorks. Adding 1/2 ounce of basil or thyme leaves or 1 ounce of mint leaves to a pint of boiling water, covering it, allowing it to cool and then straining it provides a rinse that soothes the itch when applied to the skin with a clean cloth.

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