What Are Some Natural Home Tooth Whitening Recipes?


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Natural home tooth whitening recipes include using lemon juice, apples, strawberries or baking soda, according to About.com. Other options for tooth whitening at home include using wood ash and sea salt.

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Some people use lemon juice to whiten the teeth, but the acid in the lemon may harm the teeth permanently as it causes the teeth to lose calcium, explains About.com. Using strawberries is an option for home tooth whitening, but this fruit also contains a lot of acid. If using strawberries to whiten at home, it is important for individuals to brush and floss immediately after. People also may use apples to whiten the teeth as they contain malic acid, but since acid may permanently damage the teeth, dentists do not recommend it.

Baking soda is a popular option for home teeth whitening, and though it does not bleach the teeth, it removes plaque from the surface of the teeth, states About.com. Baking soda is abrasive, so it is best not to use it too frequently. People claim that using wood ash from the fireplace helps whiten teeth, as it contains lye. Whitening with ash is dangerous and may cause significant damage to the teeth over time. Sea salt is also a home tooth whitening method, and it is often mixed with water or cider vinegar to brighten the teeth.

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