What Are a Few Natural Home Remedies for Head Lice?


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Natural remedies for head lice include wet combing, applying essential oils, and smothering the eggs and lice. Natural remedies have not been clinically proven to be effective, according to Mayo Clinic.

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What Are a Few Natural Home Remedies for Head Lice?
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Wet combing involves running a fine tooth comb through infested wet hair several times per week. Essential oils believed to be deadly to lice include tea tree oil, anise, ylang ylang, and nerolidol. Covering lice and eggs in mayonnaise, olive oil, butter or petroleum jelly and applying a shower cap overnight is meant to deprive eggs and lice of oxygen, states Mayo Clinic. Head lice can be prevented by washing clothes, bedding and personal hygiene items used by an infested person, vacuuming places with lice inhabits, and avoiding head-to-head contact, reports the Center for Disease Control.

Head lice can live on a human for up to 30 days, and their eggs can live for up to two weeks. Signs of lice include itchy scalp, red bumps and the visible appearance of eggs, states the National Institute of Health. Natural remedies may be used in congruence with medicated treatments. Medicated shampoos and lotions available over-the-counter and by prescription contain insecticides and should not be used more than is recommended. A doctor may prescribe an oral medication if the lice are highly vital, according to KidsHealth.

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