What Are Some Natural Home Cures for Burping?


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Natural home cures for burping include avoiding lying down after eating; cutting down on carbonated drinks and alcohol consumption; quitting smoking; and eating or drinking slowly, as stated by How Stuff Works. Drinking fluids without straws and consuming certain foods, including live-culture yogurt, may also relieve the problem.

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What Are Some Natural Home Cures for Burping?
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Staying active after a meal helps in expelling out the excess air rather than letting it accumulate in the stomach, according to How Stuff Works. Patients may adopt relaxing techniques, such as breathing slowly and deeply, because anxiety and stress may worsen burping.

Papaya has an enzyme called papain that reduces burping, states How Stuff Works. Drinking of a mixture of 1 teaspoon lemon juice to one-half teaspoon baking powder to 1 cup cool water after a meal may also help. Other foods that can cure this condition include ginger, cumin, peppermint and caraway seeds.

A person with cold is most likely to burp, because the cold causes postnasal drip, which may cause the person to swallow excess air, states How Stuff Works. This patient should blow the nose frequently to clear the nasal passages.

Checking dentures may aid in reducing the problem, because poorly fit dentures may cause a person to swallow excess air, especially when eating or talking, explains How Stuff Works. Chewing gum or sucking on hard candy results in gulping down of excessive air, thus abstaining from the gum and hard candies relieves burping.

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