What Are Some Natural Herbs That Help Lower Blood Sugar?


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Types of herbs that help lower blood sugar include gymnema sylvestre, banaba leaf, Siberian ginseng and basil, according to Dr. Julian Whitaker, founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute. Other herbs that help reduce blood sugar are cinnamon, garlic and onion.

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Gymnema sylvestre is a plant that is indigenous to India, and it helps regenerate the cells that produce insulin within the pancreas. Certain studies have found that gymnema sylvestre helps reduce the blood sugar levels of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, explains Dr. Whitaker. A handful of patients in these studies were able to reduce or discontinue their oral medications for diabetes. The recommended dose for this herb is 400 milligrams per day, as of 2015.

Banaba leaf contains corosolic acid. This type of acid helps activate glucose transport into the cells, which lowers blood sugar levels, notes Dr. Whitaker. A Japanese placebo-controlled study revealed that patients who took banaba leaf extract showed a significant decrease in blood sugar levels. The recommended daily dose of banaba leaf extract is 50 milligrams. The other herbs, such as basil, Siberian ginseng and cinnamon, help control blood sugar levels, but they are not as effective as gymnema sylvestre and banaba leaf.

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