What Are Some Natural Herbal Antibiotics?


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Some natural herbal antibiotics include goldenseal, Oregon grape, Andrographis paniculata and Manuka honey, according to Dr. Oz. Native Americans used goldenseal to soothe the mucus membrane linings of the digestive, genitourinary and respiratory tracts and to treat bacterial infection. Goldenseal drops are useful in treating sore throat.

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Berberis aquifolium, or Oregon grape, hails from the Northwest United States and contains berberine, a substance that prevents bacteria from clinging to the urinary and intestinal tract walls, according to Dr. Oz. Its capsule or liquid tincture forms are useful in treating infectious diarrhea and other digestive tract illnesses.

Andrographic paniculata is an Asian herb people use to treat bacterial infections, sinus problems and upper respiratory tract infections, notes Dr. Oz. Manuka honey is a topical treatment for wound care.

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