What Are Natural Diuretics?


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Dandelion, hawthorn and horsetail are some natural diuretics that help the body to secrete fluids, according to Healthline. Other natural diuretics include juniper, black or green tea, hibiscus and parsley. Cutting back on sodium and getting enough exercise can also help to lower the buildup of fluid in the body.

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What Are Natural Diuretics?
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Though many see dandelion as a weed, as of 2015, research shows that one of the compounds in the plant helps to stimulate kidney function and increases the frequency of urination, according to Healthline. Another flower, hawthorn, is shown to have similar effects on the body, and it also helps to improve symptoms of congestive heart failure. A recent study has also shown that the extract of horsetail works as well as prescription diuretics without side effects.

Though juniper is noted for its diuretic effects and has been used since medieval times to reduce fluid buildup in the body, Healthline states that there have only been a few modern studies to back this up. However, juniper does show an increase in urine volume in animal studies. Both green and black tea are also known natural diuretics and help to flush toxins from the system. Parsley, though better known as a garnish, may also have a positive effect on those seeking to end fluid retention. Hibiscus has not only been shown to lower fluid build up in the body but also helps to increase the filtration of the kidneys.

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