What Are Natural Digestive Aids?


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Natural digestive aids are foods or supplements that help the digestive process work more efficiently. According to WebMD, eating a diet rich in healthy food, drinking plenty of water and maintaining consistent and good eating habits helps patients get through the day with greater comfort and ease.

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Common foods that assist in digestion include items known as "superfoods," which should be eaten regularly, according to Everyday Health. These include fermented foods, such as yogurt, buttermilk and sourdough; dried beans, lentils and foods with a high percentage of whole grain; fruits and vegetables, such as artichokes and raspberries; fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna; ginger tea, candies and supplements; and peppermint tea and oil. Other ways to improve digestion include eating foods high in fiber, eating several small meals throughout the day and staying hydrated with water or sports drinks, according to WebMD.

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