What Are Some All Natural DHT Blockers?

Natural DHT blockers include pumpkin seeds, mangoes and carrots, according to Red's Kitchen Sink. DHT occurs naturally in the human body and is linked with pattern baldness in both males and females.

Although a number of pharmaceutical drugs lower DHT levels, people can potentially avoid chemical side effects by lowering DHT more naturally, says Red's Kitchen Sink. Almonds, pecans and walnuts can lower DHT levels through their common ingredient, L-lysine. The mineral zinc is known to inhibit DHT and is found in high quantities in these foods: kale, cooked white mushrooms and spinach. All-natural smoothies are fine tools for lowering DHT and preventing hair loss.

Saw palmetto is an effective, natural way to block dihydrotestosterone, states About.com. These berries come from a palm tree found in the southeastern United State and the West Indies, and they are available in pill form. The African cherry tree, or pygeum africanum, is a type of evergreen tree found in Africa, and people have used pygeum since the 1700s. Often, people get great results when combining pygeum and saw palmetto to block dihydrotestosterone. Since hair loss does not stop overnight, it is important to be consistent when using these remedies.

Pumpkin seed oil is another natural, effective dihydrotestosterone blocker, explains About.com. This oil contains delta-7 sterine, a steroid, which blocks the dihydrotestosterone buildup in each hair follicle. People take pumpkin seed oil orally or put it directly onto the scalp. Stinging nettles are not good when put on the skin, but when taken orally, can help to block dihydrotestosterone. The root of the stinging nettle contains the chemicals that block dihydrotestosterone, and people often take tinctures of the root with saw palmetto and pygeum for the most effective natural treatment for hair loss.