What Are Some Natural Depression Remedies?


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There are many natural approaches to depression that include removing caffeine, adding exercise, receiving acupuncture, attending therapy, taking B vitamins, taking St. John's wort, taking fish oil, setting new goals, getting enough sleep and eating healthier, reports WebMD and Dr. Weil's site. If these natural approaches are unable to completely eradicate the problem, and then there are medications that can be prescribed by a doctor or psychiatrist.

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What Are Some Natural Depression Remedies?
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One of the most popular natural depression remedies is exercise. Cardio is one of the best ways to take care of physical depression symptoms as well as build self-esteem and release powerful positive endorphins that alter mood. Dr. Weil recommends spending at least 30 minutes per day, 5 to 7 days a week for best results.

Another popular natural depression remedy is to attend therapy. While this may not be a "natural" health choice, it is natural for the body and for the mind. Talk therapy is one of the best ways to identify mind blocks that are either causing or contributing to depression in a person's life, reports WebMD.

When it comes to mental health, studies have shown that the mind needs healthy food choices in the same way that the body does. By taking vitamin supplements that help with equalizing mood, such as B vitamins and St. John's wort, patients can take control of their own mental health. Healthy foods will also help to give the body the energy it needs to be happier.

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