Are There Natural Cures for Vertigo?


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Home remedies for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, the most common type of vertigo, include the Epley, Semont and Foster maneuvers, according to WebMD. These three physical maneuvers are designed to move the calcium crystals that cause vertigo by being out of position in the inner ear.

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Are There Natural Cures for Vertigo?
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The Epley maneuver involves lying down, turning the head 90 degrees away from the ear with the problem, then turning the entire body in that direction, WebMD explains. This maneuver is done three times nightly until the vertigo goes away. The Semont maneuver is similar, but involves changing the direction of one's position rather than rolling over. The Foster maneuver involves touching the head to the floor, turning in the direction of the affected ear, then rising quickly. It also is repeated until the vertigo is gone.

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