What Are Some Natural Cures for Upper Back Pain?


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Natural cures of upper back pain include rest, stress reducing techniques, cognitive-behavioral therapy and eating of foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D, states WebMD. Heating and cooling of the affected area with a heating pad and ice pack respectively can also alleviate pain.

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Sufficient rest can aid in alleviating upper back pain, notes WebMD. However, individuals should avoid too much rest, as it may result in stiff joints and weakening of muscles, thus worsening the condition. Patients should learn natural stress management skills such as meditation or relaxation exercises and deep breathing in order to curb stress, which is responsible for heightening of upper back pain.

Foods that are enriched with calcium and vitamin D can treat osteoporosis, which is caused by painful fractures in the back, and thus relieve the body of back pain, states WebMD. People with osteoporosis should quit smoking, as it decelerates the healing process.

Exercise and good posture can aid in relieving painful back symptoms by stretching and strengthening back muscles, thus supporting the spine and alleviating back pain, advises WebMD. Cognitive-behavioral therapy involves altering certain thoughts and behaviors and can aid in relieving upper back pain. In the case of severe back pain, individuals should seek immediate medical attention.

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