What Are Some Natural Cures for Thinning Hair?


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Natural remedies for thinning hair include getting plenty of nutrients through diet, managing stress and limiting chemical treatments, according to About.com. Since hair is a by-product of the body, properly feeding the hair cell structures requires a balanced diet.

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What Are Some Natural Cures for Thinning Hair?
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Examples of nutrients that promote healthy hair growth include protein, iron, zinc and healthy fats such as omega 3's. Vitamins C and B, as well as silica, promote hair growth, states About.com. Hair is 90-percent protein, and protein is essential for the diet. However, the animal variety of protein isn't the only source. Dark and leafy greens such as spinach also provide sufficient amounts of healthy protein.

Iron is what carries oxygen to the hair follicles, and zinc aids in hair repair and growth, explains About.com. Supplements do the trick, but food sources such as peanut butter, pumpkin seeds and chickpeas also work. Healthy fats are important because they help the body assimilate the vitamins that are required for healthy hair. Additionally, a vitamin C deficiency can cause the hair to weaken and become prone to breakage.

Although the reason is unknown, scientists have found that taking certain vitamin B supplements increases hair growth, notes About.com. The recommended dose is 5000 micrograms daily. Silica helps hair retain elasticity and can be introduced into the diet through food-grade diatomaceous earth.

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