What Are Some Natural Cures for Sleep Apnea?


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Natural remedies to alleviate or cure sleep apnea include: sleeping on the side or abdomen versus on the back and using saline nasal spray to keep the nasal passages clear, according to Mayo Clinic. A healthy exercise routine and diet to reduce excess weight helps cure sleep apnea.

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What Are Some Natural Cures for Sleep Apnea?
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Weight loss may help to relieve any constriction within the throat that is narrowing the air passages, causing sleep apnea symptoms, according to Mayo Clinic. Thirty minutes of moderate activity can ease obstructions that lead to sleep apnea. For example, a brisk walk most days of the week helps to alleviate excess weight, keeping the heart and lungs healthy.

To reduce interferences with breathing, individuals should avoid taking sleeping pills and tranquilizers because these medications relax muscles within the back of the throat, which can change or interfere with breathing patterns, explains Mayo Clinic. Alcohol and smoking should also be avoided because they interfere with sleep.

Changing sleeping positions may alternate how much airway a person receives during the night, according to Mayo Clinic. For example, when sleeping on the back, an individual's soft palate and tongue could rest against the back of the throat, which causes an obstruction to the airway.

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