What Are Natural Some Cures for Sinus Infections?


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Sinus infections can be treated at home by increasing fluid intake, using neti pots or other similar mechanisms to administer a saline flush to the sinuses, or eating spicy foods, according to Everyday Health. Applying warm compresses and administering steam to clear the nasal passages are also believed to help.

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What Are Natural Some Cures for Sinus Infections?
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Some compounds found in food, such as bromelain in pineapple, are believed to reduce the swelling associated with sinus inflammation, explains Everyday Health. Some patients may experience a worsening of their sinus discomfort in the evenings if their bedrooms are found to harbor irritants such as allergens and dust. To combat this issue, patients should protect their pillows and comforters with hypoallergenic covers and duvets. Sleeping with a pet may also exacerbate certain symptoms, so it is advisable to leave pets in another room until signs of illness subside.

If sinus problems arise in dry months, using a humidifier in common areas of the home may also lessen symptoms, Everyday Health suggests. It is imperative for patients to keep their humidifiers clean so that mold and mildew are unable to grow inside the machines. Patients are encouraged to try home remedies to treat their sinus pain before relying on more serious options, such as antibiotics, which may not work effectively enough on acute and chronic sinus complications. Overusing antibiotics for minor medical disturbances is also believed to lead to bacterial resistance to the drugs.

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