What Are Some Natural Cures for Pinworms?


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Natural ways to treat pinworms include removing sugar from the diet, eating more fiber, taking probiotics and eating garlic, according to HowStuffWorks. Eating foods such as beets, pomegranates, pumpkin seeds and carrots may also help to naturally treat pinworms.

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Refraining from eating sugar can help to naturally treat pinworms because these parasites thrive on carbohydrates and sugar, explains HowStuffWorks. By avoiding these things, the individual deprives the pinworms of food. It is also important to eat high-fiber foods to naturally treat pinworms. These foods include whole grains and raw vegetables, and they help to prevent further recurrences of pinworms. Eating a couple of teaspoons of garlic and honey two to three times each day for about three weeks may also help to combat pinworms.

People who want to treat pinworms naturally may also find probiotic supplements beneficial, states HowStuffWorks. Eating foods with probiotics, such as buttermilk or yogurt, also help as they contain good bacteria that serve as a natural protection against pinworms. If these treatments do not work to treat pinworms, a doctor can also prescribe medications that are effective against pinworms. Preventing pinworms is also important, so individuals should ensure proper hand-washing techniques, especially after using the restroom. Pinworm eggs are microscopic, but soap destroys them.

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