What Are Some Natural Cures for Incontinence?


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Natural cures for incontinence include exercising the pelvic muscles, losing excess weight, cutting out caffeine and alcohol and avoiding artificial sweeteners, according to Healthline. Herbal remedies such as gosha-jinki-gan, cleavers and saw palmetto are common as treatments for incontinence, reports WebMD.

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Kegel exercises can help women with incontinence by flexing the same muscles that function to stop the flow of urine, explains Health.com. The exercises reduce the urges and leaks by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Women can also strengthen their bladders by wearing small, cone-shaped vaginal weights when performing the exercises to encourage the pelvic muscles to contract.

Losing excess weight and getting fit helps reduce the excess pressure the fat puts on the pelvic muscles and the bladder. Belly fat and the fat around the hips increase urination and can increase the risk of incontinence. Regular, moderate exercises can help lose weight as well as strengthening the pelvic muscles and the bladder.

Some people use one herb or a combination of herbs to cure incontinence, states WebMD. Some experts believe that gosha-jinki-gan herb can improve the quality of life of individuals suffering from incontinence. The herb helps improve urinary urgency, nighttime urination and frequency of urination. Saw palmetto also helps with incontinence, especially in men by reducing inflammation and its positive effects on testosterone levels.

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