What Are Natural Cures for H. Pylori Bacteria?


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There are no medically accepted natural cures for H. pylori bacteria infections, according to Healthline. In many cases, the infection disappears by itself, but there are also medical treatments that speed up the process.

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What Are Natural Cures for H. Pylori Bacteria?

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When an H. pylori infection does not cause any specific complications, it does not require treatment, according to Healthline. Over time, however, infections can develop into ulcers or even stomach cancer, explains WebMD. In cases of increased risk of stomach cancer, an H. pylori infection requires medical attention.

When treating H. pylori, doctors employ a specific technique known as triple treatment. The first step in this process reduces stomach acid to grant the two antibiotics the highest chances of success. After successfully reducing stomach acid, the patient begins taking a combination of acid reducers and antibiotics that could include Prevacid, Protonix and AcipHex.

Tests for residual H. pylori include stool samples, blood tests, breath tests and endoscopy, explains Healthline. Additional symptoms can indicate a high chance of H. pylori: gassy burping, feeling excessively bloated, vomiting, upset stomach, loss of normal appetite and generalized weight loss. The most common symptom is a feeling of generalized stomach pain that typically waxes and wanes, which patients often refer to as a gnawing feeling.

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