What Is a Natural Cure for Stomach Gas?


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Some natural remedies that may be useful for relieving stomach gas are peppermint tea, anise, caraway, fennel, chamomile tea, coriander and cardamon. There are some clinical studies that suggest that peppermint may be useful for indigestion, gas and irritable bowel syndrome, states the University of Maryland Medical Center. Peppermint helps to relieve gas because it may relax the stomach muscles, leading to the expulsion of gas from the body.

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What Is a Natural Cure for Stomach Gas?
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Chewing a few fennel seeds after a meal may be helpful to aid digestion and avoid gas, states Fox News. Although these herbal remedies may help relieve gas, there are no definitive studies that suggest their true efficacy for this purpose. For this reason, it is important to speak with a doctor before taking any herbal teas or products for this condition, notes Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Stomach gas is air that gets trapped in the intestines and passes either through the rectum or mouth as a belch. The causes of stomach gas include eating certain foods that may be hard to digest, swallowing air or having a condition such as lactose intolerance.

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