Is There a Natural Cure for a Poison Oak Rash?


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A cold compress with water or milk can aid in healing a mild poison oak rash, notes eMedicineHealth. A person with severe symptoms of the rash should seek immediate medical attention.

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Is There a Natural Cure for a Poison Oak Rash?
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A poison oak plant grows in form of a shrub with three leaves that resemble the poison ivy, notes MedlinePlus. Severe itching; red, streaky and patchy rash as well as red bumps that form large, weeping blisters may indicate that a person is suffering from the rash.

A patient who feels lightheaded or faint should lie down and elevate his legs higher than the head in order to help the blood to flow to the head, according to eMedicineHealth. Staying calm and avoiding areas where the poisonous plants grow may also help in relieving this problem. When walking in areas with these plants, individuals should wear long pants, long sleeves or socks, advises MedlinePlus.

A person with poison oak rash should avoid touching the clothing or skin that has resins in order to prevent worsening the condition, according to MedlinePlus. Scrubbing under the fingernails can prevent the toxic oil from extending to other areas. Body heat or sweating may worsen the problem, so staying cool may aid in reducing the symptoms of the rash.

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