Is There a Natural Cure for Diverticulitis?


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A natural cure for diverticulitis is possible through a high-fibre diet and healthy bowel habits, states WebMD. Consumption of probiotics, anti-inflammatory foods such as barley, brown rice, pears and potatoes and identifying and resolving emotional causes of the disease are also helpful, says Listen To Your Gut.

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Plenty of fibre-rich foods, such as whole grain cereals and bread, fresh fruits and vegetables can help relieve chronic constipation, which is one of the underlying causes of diverticulitis. In constipation due to diverticulitis, fecal matter and undigested food remain in the diverticula out-pouches, causing these areas to become infected or inflamed, explains Listen To Your Gut. Consumption of foods that counter infection and inflammation, such as garlic, barley, brown rice, pears and potatoes is helpful. Alongside this, reducing the intake of red meat and caffeine that weaken the wall of the colon and cause digestive upsets is important, says HowStuffWorks.

It is also advisable to go on an elemental liquid diet to give rest to inflamed bowels. Additionally, consuming probiotics helps to repopulate the intestinal flora that aid digestion of food. These good microflora also help maintain regular bowel movements, thus preventing constipation, states Listen To Your Gut. For regularizing bowel movements, exercising, eating at regular intervals and drinking plenty of fluids are also vital, reports WebMD.

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