What Is a Natural Chest Expectorant?


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Some natural expectorants are sage, eucalyptus, peppermint and cedar. Consuming a combination of horseradish, hot mustard and wasabi can also be a natural expectorant, notes Dr. Weil. When a cold, the flu or bronchitis produces thick mucus secretions that congest airways, a natural expectorant may be an alternative to an OTC product for thinning mucus and clearing it out.

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A natural remedy to loosen mucus is to inhale steam vapors containing essential oils such as peppermint, sage, eucalyptus, pine and cedar. To prepare a steam vapor, add up to 10 drops of any one of these oils into a pot of hot steamy water and then inhale the steam, states Health911.

Another natural expectorant is mullein, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Mullein may be a good option when there is a non-productive cough . For this treatment, combine a teaspoon of mullein tincture with some warm water and drink this every 4 hours, states Dr. Weil.

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