What Are Natural Blood Thinners?


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Natural blood thinners are nonprescription options that can serve as alternatives to prescription blood thinners, which lower the risks of conditions associated with blood clots, explains Healthline. Examples of natural blood thinners include turmeric, ginger and vitamin E.

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Turmeric is a spice containing curcumin, which has similar capabilities as an anti-platelet, notes Healthline. Anti-platelets are prescription blood thinners that hamper blood platelets from producing thromboxane, a necessary component for blood clotting.

Ginger is another spice that contains the acid salicylate, reports Healthline. The acetyl salicylic acid in salicylate helps prevent stroke, a condition that may result when blood clots disintegrate and reach the brain, heart or lungs through the bloodstream. Cherries, chilies, berries and avocados are other foods rich in salicylate. Vitamin E features anti-clotting properties, making it a potential natural blood thinner. Some dark-green vegetables, whole-grain wheat products and tree nuts are rich in vitamin E.

Patients with pernicious anemia or bleeding disorders and pregnant mothers should avoid using blood thinners, notes Healthline. Unlike prescription medications, natural blood thinners are not likely to cause side effects such as headaches, dizziness or excessive bleeding from a small wound. However, it's important to consult a physician before taking any natural blood thinner, as it may affect the effectiveness of medications, cause certain effects on health conditions or not deliver potent results.

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