What Are Some Natural Blood Thinners?

Natural blood thinners include turmeric, ginger, and food rich in vitamin E, such as tree nuts and whole-grain wheat products, according to Healthline. Other natural blood thinners include fish oil, garlic, nattokinase and bromelain, which is found in pineapple, states Dr. Sinatra.

Turmeric acts as an antiplatelet, which prevents the release of thromboxane, an agent needed for blood clotting and produced by the platelets in the blood, reports Healthline. Ginger contains salicylate, a chemical similar to the active ingredient in aspirin, which helps prevent strokes. Other foods containing salicylate that may contain natural blood thinning properties include avocados, berries, chilies and cherries.

Nattokinase is an enzyme derived from the Japanese food natto, which is boiled soybeans fermented with the bacterium Barcillus natto, according to WebMD. It is potentially effective in treating heart disease, stroke, angina, and hardening of the arteries due to its natural ability to prevent blood from clotting. Insufficient evidence exists to support its usefulness in treating these conditions.

People should speak with a doctor before attempting to self-medicate with natural blood thinners, states Healthline. Natural blood thinners may negatively interact with some medications or worsen certain conditions. Individuals should also avoid foods rich in vitamin K, such as spinach and kale, as vitamin K may worsen the problem.