What Are Some Natural Blood Pressure Reducers?


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According to Mayo Clinic, exercising regularly and losing weight are good natural blood pressure reducers. In addition, there are other ways to lower blood pressure, including eating less sodium.

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Mayo Clinic recommends a variety of ways to naturally reduce blood pressure. It states that losing 10 pounds has a significant impact, and exercising 30 minutes a day on most days of the week reduces blood pressure by 4 to 9 millimeters of mercury. Eating a diet that focuses on fruit and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy and meat is also necessary.

Health.com recommends eating more bananas, as they increase potassium levels, which in turn reduces the negative effects of sodium. According to Mayo Clinic, limiting sodium to 2,300 milligrams a day reduces blood pressure by 2 to 8 milligrams of mercury. People can achieve this by eating less processed food, not adding salt to their meals, reading food labels and keeping a food diary that tracks salt in the diet.

Health.com also recommends that smokers with high blood pressure quit, as cigarettes cause a temporary spike in blood pressure and are linked to heart disease. Finally, both Health.com and Mayo Clinic state that people should reduce their alcohol intake, as even moderate consumption on a daily basis increases blood pressure by a few points.

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