What Is the Best Natural Anti-Inflammatory?


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Omega-3 fatty acids, found in coldwater fish, soybeans and certain nuts, are excellent anti-inflammatory agents, according to WebMD. Large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the inflammatory process enough to prevent chronic conditions from setting in.

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A diet high in omega-6 fatty acids, found in processed and fast foods, and low in omega-3 fatty acids can trigger a higher production of cytokines, states WebMD. Cytokines can lead to increased inflammation.

Seeing changes in inflammation through diet instead of medication often takes a long time, cautions WebMD. Incorporating regular doses of omega-3 fatty acids, whether through diet or supplements, is strongly associated with overall improvements in inflammation, especially when paired with the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes whole foods and fish. A healthy body weight helps reduce inflammation and decreases the chances of developing arthritis as a patient ages.

Other anti-inflammatory foods include ginger, curry and various spices, states WebMD. Patients should avoid foods high in fat and sugar, which can trigger or worsen inflammation, and focus on eating low-fat proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, almonds and turmeric instead, according to Health.com. Pregnant women should be careful not to consume too much fish because it is high in mercury.

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