What Are Some Natural Alternatives to Blood Thinners?


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Natural alternatives to blood thinners include food-based supplements that include turmeric, ginger and vitamin E, according to Healthline. Ginseng tea also has a potential boost to the heart as a natural blood thinner, reports Everyday Health.

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Ginseng acts as a natural blood thinner, as it has the potential to lower blood pressure through relaxation of the arteries, explains Everyday Health. The tea thins the blood by inhibiting platelet adhesion, and it’s a good replacement for sugary beverages that can boost the heart. Foods rich in vitamin E, including tree nuts and dark green vegetables, have anti-clotting properties and can help with thinning the blood, notes Healthline. Turmeric contains curcumin, also an antiplatelet, and ginger may help prevent strokes.

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