What Is Native American Black Salve?


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Native American black salve is a mixture of substances that people rub onto the body, take orally or use as an enema to treat conditions such as diabetes, tumors, allergies, infections and parasites. There is no scientific or medical evidence that black salve works for any condition.

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Traditionally, people take black salve orally by filling 800-milligram capsules with the salve. People usually take one pill to start each day about an hour following dinner and follow with 8 ounces of spring water. If taking two doses a day, people take one pill an hour after breakfast and one pill an hour after dinner, following each dose with 8 ounces of spring water. If taking three doses a day, it is best to take the pills an hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner, always following the pill with 8-ounces of spring water.

Many people feel nausea when beginning this treatment, and drinking aloe vera juice, ginger or mint tea within an hour of taking the salve may help. Most take these pills for about six weeks at a time, which includes taking the pills for two weeks, taking a two-day break before starting the process again.

People also may use the salve as an enema by mixing the salve with spring water, inserting it and leaving it in the body overnight. After using the salve orally for seven days, people may also apply the salve directly to the skin.

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