What Is Nasal Turbinate Surgery?


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Nasal turbinate surgery removes, repairs, reduces or repositions the nasal turbinates in the inside walls of the nose, as stated by MedlinePlus. Nasal turbinates are narrow, long bones that are shrouded in a layer of thin tissue. When they become irritated, they can swell and cause breathing difficulties.

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Those who suffer from allergies are prone to having complications with their nasal turbinates. Surgery opens up the nasal cavity, making it easier to breathe through the nose, as stated by Johns Hopkins Medicine.

A turbinectomy removes a portion or all of the lower turbinates. The surgeon strives to leave enough turbinate to continue filtering the air that an individual breathes in.

A turbinoplasty uses a surgical tool to reposition or thin the turbinates, while a laser ablation uses a laser to decrease the size of the turbinate tissue.

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