Are Most Narcissists Sociopaths?


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Although many people confuse narcissistic and sociopathic personality disorders, they are distinctly different, reports MentalHelp.net. Sociopaths appear to be arrogant, which often makes them seem narcissistic, however, they possess traits that are not part of the true narcissistic personality type.

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Narcissists are characterized by their vanity, arrogance, selfishness and lack of empathy toward others, according to MentalHelp.net. They seek power, and have illusions of being grandiose and perfect. They have a strong tendency to brag about their achievements to impress others, and posses a constant need for admiration and validation. Yet deep down, they tend to lack any feelings of self-worth, and they tend to suffer from loneliness, shame and self-doubt.

On the other hand, sociopaths are characterized by their disregard for the rights of others, describes MentalHelp.net. They use lies and manipulation for their own gain, and feel no remorse for the harm they cause. They possess self-destructive tendencies and have no awareness of consequences.

Sociopaths are masters of deception, and tend to lie about their jobs, circumstances and relationships, according to the Huffington Post. Sociopaths have little regard for others and few close-knit ties. They are typically charming and charismatic, which they use to their advantage to make lies seem believable.

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