Is NaNO Vapor Safe?


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According to Chris Woolston of The LA Times, naNO Vapor contains undisclosed amounts of more than 50 ingredients, leading consumers to be skeptical of the product. naNO Vapor can be harmful to anyone who has had a heart attack and to people with cardiovascular disease, nerve problems or urinary problems. There is also no definitive evidence that naNO Vapor works.

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According to the LA Times, naNO Vapor is a dietary supplement used by body builders and weightlifters to gain muscle. It is produced by the company MuscleTech and includes amino acids, stimulants, sugar, vitamins and minerals. MuscleTech claims that naNO Vapor supercharges workouts by opening up the blood vessels that feed muscles.

Joan Eckerson of the department of exercise science at Creighton University tells The LA Times that MuscleTech's marketing of naNO Vapor is misleading. The label does not specify the amount of ingredients in the product, and no study has concluded that naNO Vapor actually increases muscle through nitric oxide. Richard Kreider of the Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory says there is no evidence that naNO Vapor affects muscle mass.

According to Kreider, there are simpler and cheaper muscle-building products on the market that body builders can use. The complicated ingredients in naNO Vapor are unnecessary.

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