What Are Some Names of Skin Diseases?

names-skin-diseases Credit: Lode Kuylenstierna / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Vitiligo is a condition that forms skin patches without pigmentation, according to the Free Dictionary. Livedo is known for bluish appearances that spread over the skin. Keratosis is noticeable by overgrowths on the skin. The Free Dictionary notes that other common skin conditions include dermatosis, eczema, impetigo, lupus and psoriasis.

According to WebMD, vitiligo degrades pigment cells called melanocytes. Some experts believe an autoimmune condition destroys the pigment cells. Vitiligo is common in individuals with dark skin pigmentation. Symptoms of the disease include white patches on the skin and pigment loss, and it can change the appearance of the hair and eyelids.

Mayo Clinic notes that the root cause of livedo reticularis is due to blood-vessel spasms and irregular circulation around the skin. These problems create colored blemishes in the form of a patterned net. The causes of the skin disease can stem from coldness, kidney dialysis complications or as a side effect of medication. Symptoms include discomfort and painful nodes or ulcers on the skin.

Mayo Clinic explains that keratosis pilaris manifests in the form of rough bumps. These bumps are typically located on the cheeks, thighs or buttocks, and they tend to be white or red in color. They are non-painful and usually disappear before the age of 30. Other symptoms include dry skin, which worsens during the winter, when the skin is drier.