What Is an NAET Allergy Treatment?


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The NAET allergy treatment claims to be a natural solution that uses energy balancing, kinesiological, acupressure, nutritional, chiropractic and alopathy medicine to treat allergies. However, the NAET website gives no indication of being recognized as an effective medical treatment by any reputable medical source, journal or hospital, as of 2016.

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NAET stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques. Dr. Nambudripad developed the NAET technique and trains all of the medical professionals who are licensed by the NAET foundation. However, Dr. Nambuadripad does not list any medical certifications on her website and does not state recognition by any medical board. The NAET technique claims to help patients overcome common allergens such as peanuts, eggs, milk, aspirin, mushrooms, latex, ragweed, perfume and animal dander. The NAET allergy treatment has not, however, been substantiated in medical science.

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