What Are "mystery" Medical Symptoms?


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Mystery medical symptoms are physical symptoms that stem from an unknown cause and cannot be explained, reports the APA. Many times these mystery medical symptoms are somatic symptoms that come from psychological places or create psychological problems for patients who are very concerned about the mystery medical symptoms they are experiencing, according to the APA.

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What Are "mystery" Medical Symptoms?
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Many of the common mystery medical symptoms are related to headaches, dizziness and back pain. In fact, studies have shown that approximately two-thirds of the symptoms that patients experience are unable to be diagnosed by a medical professional, writes the APA. These symptoms aggravate patients who may feel as though their doctor is not listening to their symptoms and is not actively trying to find out what is wrong with them. Doctors can be similarly frustrated because they cannot find a cause, according to the APA.

It is important to note that these mystery medical symptoms are not related to hypochondriasis illness. In hypochondriasis, patients believe that they have a life-threatening disease based on mild or even nonexistent symptoms, writes the APA. Patients with mystery medical symptoms experience real symptoms but their symptoms are often psychologically fueled or create psychological distress. To help these patients, doctors often prescribe antidepressant medication and take patients off of any kind of narcotic drugs that can exacerbate problems. Doctors also help patients find therapy with cognitive behavioral elements or learn new relaxation techniques to lessen the mystery medical symptoms, according to the Guardian.

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