What Are Some Myoplex Side Effects?

Registered dietitian and certified personal trainer Erin Palinski explains to Consumer Reports that consuming excess protein, such as with protein supplements like Myoplex, may cause diarrhea and other side effects. Excessive protein intake over the long term may also cause calcium excretion from the bones, which increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Kathleen Doheny at WebMD reports that several protein drinks, including Myoplex, may have adverse effects, including chronic exposure to heavy metals such as cadmium, and these effects may pose health problems. A Consumer Reports study found that liquid EAS Myoplex Original Rich Dark Chocolate Shake provides an average of 16.9 micrograms of arsenic and an average of 5.1 micrograms of cadmium. In the report on the high levels of heavy metals in Myoplex and other protein supplements, Consumer Reports explains exposure may potentially increase health risks, particularly when they target the same organs or systems. This means that the effects of two toxic substances together may have an even greater effect than they may have independently. The Consumer Reports study explains that consuming excess protein through supplements may cause health problems. Certified specialist in sports dietetics Nancy Clark further explains that diabetics and people with kidney problems may experience further complications with excessive protein intake.