What Are Some Must-Haves on a Paleo Shopping List?


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Some must-haves on a Paleo shopping list are coconut oil, olive oil and ghee. Other must-have items for the Paleo diet include organic free-range eggs and seasonal produce.

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Coconut oil and olive oil are considered must-haves for a Paleo diet due to the healthy fats they contain. As dairy products are avoided on the Paleo diet, many Paleo recipes call for coconut or olive oil as a substitute for butter. Clarified butter, also known as ghee, is another essential Paleo diet item. Ghee is made by boiling butter to remove the milk solids. Each of these fats is very versatile and used regularly in Paleo cooking.

Organic free-range eggs are also important to a Paleo diet due to the protein and omega-3 fatty acids they contain. Free-range eggs are preferred, as those on the Paleo diet place a special emphasis on how the animals whose products they consume were raised. In addition, organic free-range eggs provide superior nutrition compared to commercially farmed eggs.

Another essential item on a Paleo shopping list is fresh, seasonal produce. Leafy greens, such as kale and spinach, are especially important to a Paleo diet. Good fruit choices on a Paleo diet include avocado, berries, mangoes and peaches. Choosing seasonal produce is important in order to get the best prices and nutrient content.

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