What Muscles Does Rollerblading Tone?


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Rollerblading tones the calves, quads, hamstrings, core and butt, according to Dr. Victor Kahbie and Dr. Linda Gromko. Dr. Gromko notes that people can start to lose muscle mass in their 30s, and rollerblading is a great exercise for preventing muscle loss due to aging. Dr. Khabie explains that in addition to increasing muscle tone, rollerblading is also a solid cardiovascular workout and helps with weight loss.

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Studies show that inline skating can burn up to 840 calories an hour, according to She Knows. Kalinda Bogue, director of marketing at Rollerblade, states in an article on She Knows that skating is a great way to lift your mood while burning an enormous number of calories.

Bogue also notes that there have been significant improvements in the design of inline skates from 2010 to 2014. Skates are now lighter, more comfortable and perform better. The trend has turned toward larger wheels, which make the ride more comfortable and powerful. However, some skaters still prefer smaller wheels, which are more grounded and are better for sharp, quick turns.

When trying on a new pair of skates, Bogue advises standing up in the skating position. The ankles should feel supported without being pinched, and two fingers should easily fit in the back of the boot.

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