What Muscles Do Push-Ups Work?


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Push-ups work the muscles of the stomach, arms and chest, notes the Huffington Post, such as the pectoralis, the deltoid, the triceps brachii, the serratus anterior, the coracobrachialis and the abdominal muscles. There are many different variations of the push-up that can help keep a person strong and in the best shape possible, such as the T-push-up, the narrow-grip push-up, the wide-grip push-up, the feet-elevated push-ups and the single-leg push-up, according to Men's Fitness.

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The standard push-up involves getting into a standard plank position with the back fully straight and horizontal to the floor. Be sure that the buttocks does not stick up. The hands should be slightly out to the side and even with the shoulders. The stomach muscles should be contracted and then the body should be lowered until the chest is nearly touching the floor. From this lowered position, the person must push against the ground and raise his or her body back to the starting position.

The push-up is part of training regimens for professional athletes and military personnel because of the ability to build muscle endurance and to stabilize the core states the Huffington Post. They also can be performed in any setting and do not require any additional equipment.

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