What Muscles Does Jump Roping Tone?


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Jump roping has been known to tone the gastrocnemius, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, forearms, abdominals and deltoids, as claimed by Prevention. In addition to having a muscle toning effect, jump roping can also improve agility, hand-to-eye coordination and overall balance, build strong bones and strengthen joints. Studies have shown that a 30-minute jump rope session can help a 140-pound woman burn approximately 318 calories, making it one of the best weight loss exercises available.

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Due to the intensity of the exercise, jump roping can elevate one's heart rate. Beginners will often need to take a several minute break when first starting off. Most experts recommend that beginners try jump roping for at least 5 to 15 minutes each time, and to attempt jump roping at least three to four times in a week. Those who are experienced have been known to be able to jump rope for at least 20 to 40 minutes.

Jumping in the same technique can easily become boring. For a fun workout, most experts recommend learning different jumping techniques and styles, and switching these techniques often to keep the exercise fun. When jump roping, make sure to choose a lightweight rope and to wear proper footwear and apparel.

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