What Muscles Do Hang Cleans Work?

muscles-hang-cleans-work Credit: Ulrik Tofte/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The primary muscles worked by the "hang clean" move are the quadriceps. However, this move also hits calf, forearm, glute, hamstring, lower back, shoulder and trapezius muscles.

Hang cleans combine movements from three exercises: the jump shrug, upright row and front squat. Because it is a complicated blend, it must be performed precisely to prevent injury. The move begins with the barbell hanging at the thighs. The knees are bent, and then, in one quick, smooth move, the barbell is shrugged up while the knees are straightened and the exerciser goes up on the toes. The feet return to the floor and the knees are flexed into a squat position while the bar is pulled up to shoulder height.