Which Muscles Do Deadlifts Work?


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Deadlifts target almost every major muscle group, according to Bodybuilding . A deadlift is the lifting of a barbell without the use of other equipment or gear. It is effective at strengthening multiple upper- and lower-body muscles.

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The main muscle area a deadlift targets is the back, with particular emphasis on the erectors. In addition, it focuses on the gluteus maximus and associated pelvic muscles. Much like a squat, a deadlift targets the legs in their entirety. During the ascension portion of a deadlift, the arm muscles are targeted, with a particularly strong focus on the forearms. As the movement completes, muscles supporting the shoulders move backwards, which means it targets them and the trapezius. There is great potential for injury during a deadlift, so it is important to pay close attention to form, to minimize the risk.

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