What Muscles Does the Cross Trainer Use?


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Cross training uses different muscles for different exercises, which target muscles used in various sports regimens, according to WebMD. Each session incorporates two or more exercises directed toward a particular activity or restricts the exercises to one area alone.

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Training in one sport at the exclusion of all others increases the risk of injury and lessens the probability an athlete will be functionally fit, according to WebMD. Repeated exercise using a particular group of muscles may cause stress and possibly muscle strain, and most sports require the use of muscles outside those specifically used for that particular activity. For example, runners build leg strength as part of their exercise routines, but pelvic and upper body muscles are also used. A varied regimen that incorporates exercises that target these muscles brings greater flexibility and enhances a runner's performance.

Cross training basically adheres to varied regimens within an individual's overall physical exercise plan. If athletes are gearing their performance toward a particular sport, they should focus on activities that enhance their ability to perform well. Seeking an exercise routine that promotes physical fitness will benefit from variation. Choosing exercises that improve flexibility one day and strength training or endurance another is optimal. The use of different exercises targeting different groups of muscles is what cross trainers try to do. This increases the overall functional fitness of athletes both in their chosen sports and in everyday activities.

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